Towing Electrics Tester

Towing Electrics Tester
Towing Electrics tester for use on 7N Socket
  • Can be used on many Applications fitted with Unit N 7 pin plugs and sockets generally fitted on Trailers, Caravans, Cars, Truck, 4x4's etc.
  • Designed to indicate a faulty wiring or blown bulbs/light in the wiring on your trailer, caravan or horsebox with a Six Light LED system.
  • Quick, easy and very simple to use! Just plug the tester in the 7 pin socket or the 7 pin plug of the Trailer/Caravan and press the yellow button on the side of the tester. If the wring is good, all the LEDs light up. Comes with instructions.
  • Portable and easy to store. Makes checking the wiring of your car, trailer, caravan horsebox easily before you set off on your trips or travel.
  • Powered by 9v Battery which is not included in package, but you can buy it from local store easily.